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Cloud and Managed Services: Power-Up Critical Areas
Cloud and Managed services:
Power-Up Critical Areas

Looking for flexible and scalable Cloud and Managed Services that meet the fast-changing demands of a modern business?

We have a team of highly experienced consultants who can work with you in building and optimizing the suite of Cloud and Managed Services you need to improve collaboration and business continuity.

Our customized solutions will enable higher levels of availability, security, compliance, performance and reliability within your existing infrastructure. Our systems can also proactively monitor and manage your systems to identify and deal with any unusual activity before it becomes a business problem.

Enjoy more than peace of mind when you opt for any of our Cloud and Managed Services today:
  • Dedicated, cloud and hybrid solutions
  • Best of the breed technology
  • End-to-end management capabilities
  • Operational Excellence
Our Cloud and Managed Service Offerings

Microsoft Office 365: Your Go-To-Office anywhere

Experience and manage communication, collaboration and document sharing - all in one place!

Microsoft Office 365 features access to SharePoint and CRM Online Services, Exchange, Lync and Active Directory. And as a Cloud service, access to Word, Excel, Outlook, and other Microsoft Office tools can be made from anywhere with Web connection, and from virtually any device. Not only are the Office applications always up to date, there's no upfront cost for software. What's more - data is kept safe with built-in security, compliance and privacy controls.

  • Access from anywhere with Office 365
  • Work with what you know with Office 365 using latest *Office Suite
  • Generate greater productivity with Office 365
  • Robust security and reliability comes with Office 365
  • Office 365 provides IT control and efficiency
  • Up to date version without the need to purchase for upgrades

Special Features

Exchange Online

  • Email with 50GB of Mailbox
  • Access your Email from across any Smart devices or Internet Browser
  • Eliminate threats via real time anti-spam and anti-malware scanning
  • Manage and administer from the Exchange Administration Center
  • Near real-time reporting and message trace capabilities
  • Stay in control with customizable policies enabling compliance with Corporate policies

CRM Online
Create a shared workspace for email, conversations, meeting notes, files, events and OneNote information for your group members via Office 365 Groups.

  • Provision in seconds, personalize in minutes, rollout in days.
  • Easily access all information through web connection or offline.
  • Reduce your IT overheads.
  • Fully manage your CRM database in the cloud on Microsoft's secure servers.
  • Collaborate with people across your company even if they don't have access to CRM Online.
  • Enable your Office 365 groups with the Office 365 Groups Integration command.
  • Create opportunity records with Office 365 Groups.
  • Manage CRM with regular monthly subscription.
  • Enjoy automatic CRM upgrades and avoid the upfront expense of software licenses.

SharePoint Online
A web solution, SharePoint Online is an excellent tool for collaboration, content management and search capabilities for internal and external users. It can be configured to provide intranet, file share, document and records management, public website and people directory all on a single platform - the cloud - without the overheads of a self-managed infrastructure.

  • Get New SharePoint Features and Updates First
  • Access SharePoint Online anywhere
  • Provide collaboration to your internal and external users
  • Drag and drop files function within the portal

Microsoft Azure Services: Bringing Applications Together on a Hassle-free Platform

A flexible and open cloud platform, Microsoft Azure enables you to quickly build, deploy, and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed data centres. Whether you are new to the benefits of cloud computing or are an existing user, you can integrate your public cloud applications with your current IT environment and build applications using any language, tool, or framework.

Extremely useful for small and mid-sized businesses, Azure is ideal for companies with data storage needs that are beyond on-premise server capabilities.

Access 11 Different Services in One Single Platform

  • Websites & Mobile Services
  • Cloud Services
  • Data and Storage Management
  • Virtual Machines
  • Business Analytics
  • Identity
  • Networking
  • Internet of Things
  • Media Services
  • Messaging
  • Hybrid Integration

Microsoft Azure Benefits

  • Hybrid capability leveraging on on premise resources
  • Automation and APPI Management reduces manual management
  • Helps keep data storage simple.
  • Allows you to produce a web application within minutes.
  • Scales on-demand resources as your business grows.
  • Pay as you Grow model reduces upfront cost
  • Allows you to launch a Windows Server or a Linux OS within minutes.
  • Uses familiar Microsoft tools like HDInsight, PowerPivot, and Power View.

IBM Softlayer Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): Get the best out of Cloud Computing with SoftLayer

The highest performing cloud infrastructure available, IBM Softlayer's laaS offers a choice of open cloud infrastructure services for IT operations. And at NTC, we can help you get the most out of your IaaS with customised applications, server deployment and production-ready workload runs.

IBM Softlayer laaS Benefits

  • Unparalleled performance
  • Virtual and Baremetal Servers option
  • Public or Private Node selection
  • Option for Self-Managed Firewall and Load Balancer
  • Consistent computing power
  • High-performance global network
  • Flexibility and breadth in resource assigning
  • Wide range of hybrid cloud strategy options

IBM Aspera Solution: Transfer large files and data sets in a fast, secure and predictable manner

A web-based console management application that offers consolidated, single-point management of your entire Aspera network, this file transfer software consists of client and server software packages that can transfer time-critical files across multiple locations—even in remote locations with poorly-performing networks.

IBM Aspera Benefits

  • High-speed, robust and reliable data transfer solution
  • Flexible and scalable to address the growing needs of an enterprise
  • Consolidated, single-point management of the business' entire Aspera network
  • Fast, Adaptive and Secure Protocol (FASP®) technology
  • Enterprise-grade security, high reliability and exceptional bandwidth control
  • Congestion Avoidance and Policy Control
  • Transfers up to thousands of times faster than FTP
  • Precise and predictable transfer times

NTC Services: Power Your Business with NTCare / NTCredit / NTCloud / NTC Incident Support

NTC offers a full range of Maintenance Support plans including comprehensive NTCare Maintenance, point deduction based NTCredit system; Cloud-based NTCloud support and Incident-based NTC Incident Support.

NTC Managed Service: Leverage on NTCentral Platform to provide Server, Storage, Firewall, Routers, Switches and Desktop Managed services.

Is your Cloud and Managed Services strategy meeting the increasing demands of your business? Approach us for a free consultation.

IBM Aspera Benefits

  • Predictable cost
  • Peace of mind, with compliant, secure, and flexible services.
  • Guarantee Service Level Agreement
  • Pro-active respond and support result in faster respond time
  • Access to our IT professional engineers
  • Economics of Scale

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